The PlayStation game Stray Is Releasing July 19


Stray is coming on July 19. That’s according to PlayStation’s own database that was recently updated to include info on Stray, the upcoming puzzle platformer where you play as a stray cat lost in a city of robots.

The Golden Cat Stray game is perhaps one of the most popular PlayStation games that attracted a lot of attention because of its style that will make you live the life of a cat and move in the world in its own way.

In Stray, you play as a cat abandoned by its family and forced to survive in a city full of robot inhabitants. After befriending a small AI drone, the cat is able to both store items and interact with the robot metropolis as the pair search for the cat’s home.

The game appears every time and fascinates us with its fun style, but until recently the game did not get a specific release date from which we can know when this fun game will be in our hands, but today, through one of the reliable sources with the accuracy of its sources, gives us a release date that may be accurate.

The news comes courtesy of PlayStation Game Size, a Twitter account dedicated to monitoring PlayStation’s store database and providing juicy tidbits as they arise. July 19 could just be a placeholder date for Stray, but it would fall in line with previous PlayStation statements on Stray’s release.

This date, although it appeared with the game in the PlayStation Store, we do not rule out that it is just a place reservation, although the dates of booking a place on the digital store always appear on the last day of the year, i.e. December 31, and so on..

Although fans are eagerly awaiting Stray thanks to its realistic cat behaviors.

Stay with us for more details…Thank you.