The Witcher 4 game goes into pre-production thanks to Unreal Engine 5


Separating the “research” and “pre-production” phases of The Witcher 4 development might seem like splitting hairs, but I’m willing to be generous about it in this case because by all appearances the game will not merely continue the adventures of Geralt. CD Projekt has said it will be an entirely “new saga,” possibly featuring a brand new school of school of witchers(opens in new tab) that doesn’t appear in Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels. Fitting all-original characters and content into the existing Witcher world puts a lot more weight on the shoulders of developers.

The developer CD Projekt studio surprised us by announcing the new part of the The Witcher series, which we expect will be The Witcher 4 that is under development and will open a new era for the series.

Polish development studio CD Projekt RED shared with us some updates on the new project that is being worked on, in addition to the new game The Witcher, which has been officially confirmed to have entered pre-production, and that the development process is going smoothly thanks to the new generation engine Unreal Engine 5.

This information came to us through the company’s Chief Financial Officer Piotr Nielubowicz, who stated that development is now in the “pre-production” stage, during a video dedicated to shareholders and investors in order to discuss the company’s financial results, through which he stated:

We have recently completed the research phase, which means that the project has now progressed to pre-production, and we are starting to benefit from development expenses related to this new game.

We are so excited to be able to revisit the universe that built our history up to this point.

Making The Witcher 4 – or any new Witcher game – is a no-brainer. However, it’s going to be some time before we can set out into another wonderful realisation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s mediaeval world once again. That said, we do have some exciting nuggets of info to sate your appetite before you can even think about another round of monster murder. Below you’ll find everything we know about The Witcher 4.

The research phase means the technical aspect about the use of new technologies, in particular the new Unreal Engine 5 development engine that the development team announced that it will use in developing the new part, whose full name has not been announced, after giving up the engine for CD Projekt.

This means that the development team has entered a more advanced stage, and is already seeing a significant increase in “efficiency” with Unreal Engine 5, and this will reduce development times in the face of more advanced technical outcomes.

In any case, the developer announced that the new part, which is likely to be The Witcher 4, will contain a completely new story from the game, and will witness the emergence of a new school that did not appear in the novels of the veteran writer Andrzej Sapkowski, but in return it will put more pressure on the developers.

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